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I am trying to decide between two topics for my paper. My primary interest is surrounding nonprofit communication and therefore both potential topics revolve around this area. The reading we have been doing about blogs has been very enlightening to me and I am curious how nonprofit organizations are using this technology to advance their missions, particularly as it relates to their marketing efforts.

Potential Topic #1:

Are nonprofit organizations using blogs as an effective tool to expand their brand?

a. Use 1-3 case studies

b. Look at their blogs critically based upon what we have learned to determine if they are successful

c. Read what is being published about and by the case study organizations

d. Possibly conduct interviews to gain additional information

e. Include a broad literature review about how blogs are benefiting nonprofit organizations and best practices of blogging (5-10 articles)


A small minority of nonprofit organizations are using blogs as an effective tool to expand their brands. There are many lessons to be learned from the organizations who have harnessed the power of effective blogging.

Potential Topic #2:

Are nonprofit organizations that blog getting more earned media than those who do not?

a. Choose ten nonprofits that blog and ten that do not blog (potentially a particularly nonprofits with similar missions) and compare their earned media for a certain period of time

b. Measure via Google and Vocus and other media tracking tools

c. Watch out for “famous” or “recent crisis” bias among earned media

d. Include a broad literature review about how blogs are benefiting nonprofit organizations and the correlation between earned media and blogging (5-10 articles)


Nonprofit organizations that consistently blog obtain more earned media than those who are not actively blogging.

Examples of nonprofit organizations blogging extensively:

According to Marnie Webb on, ( “Oceana’s weblog provides useful and regular information from experts pointing to studies, projects, and other information that I would not be able to find on my own. I therefore see the organization as credible, and that credibility transfers to its other efforts, including fundraising.”

2008 Best Charity Blogs :

It appears as thought this was a pretty small scale contest but a good resource nonetheless in trying to find successful examples of nonprofit blogs.

First Book


SOS News and Views

Generation Why, by Oxfam UK –

March of Dimes’ Share Your Story blog



Students for a Free Tibet

The Case Foundation also has a plethora of information regarding the use of blogs by nonprofit organizations. One article in particular has a listing of nonprofits that they think are blogging successfully.

I am open to any recommendations of nonprofit blogs that might be good case studies for this paper. All nominations are gratefully accepted!

In attempting to determine the media coverage for nonprofit organizations, I will also need to utilize free media tracking tools. I found the following link of 26 free media tracking tools to be especially helpful. Who knew you could do some so much for so little!

Based upon the results of my literature review, which I will be finishing up this week, I will determine the best topic for my paper. I plan to utilize journal articles as well as texts that we have read in this course as sources. Any recommendations for journals that would be worth exploring are also greatly appreciated!